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……..The rating on this reading is more than excellent! Cynthia Ann and I have made a connection and during this reading, a revelation. She is totally honest with you. Keep your heart, soul and mind open when you have her read for you. You will be amazed at what you will learn and by what you already know. This reading was truly a spiritual one for me, and an opening to a new chapter in my life.

……..If you want to be knocked off your chair with accuracy call her.

……..I don’t get floored too easy, but she floored me. Cynthia Ann told me exactly what was going to happen my first phone call to her.
This was my follow up call to her, after it all happened. It was only 4-5 days later. She described to a T the 2 guys I would meet. Which one I would hit it off with ,and which one I would end up with in the long run. She described what he does for work and so on. Now all I have to do is wait and see is if this person and I will be long term. Everything else Cynthia Ann said happened already.

…….. Cynthia Ann was great she didn’t sugar coat a thing. Now I’m prepared for what is coming the negative and the good. She picked up on people I know. It was amazing. Please give her a call. You won’t be disappointed. Great reading.

…….. This was an awesome reading. Cynthia Ann was right on with me. She told me some things I already knew but needed conformation on. She answered all my questions. If she was as right on as I think she was I have a lot of really good things to look forward to. It was a wonderful reading she is a very caring and helpful person.

…….. Cynthia Ann you are totally awesome.. great readings thanks so much for your words of wisdom you hit many of the details.

…….. Well you were right he is not back at work. The reason being is they did not rehire him. So when you did not see him there you were right. And for the other information I am waiting for it to happen. I will call you again soon. Thank you.

…….. Wow she was amazing…professional,…friendly and gave me a lot of detail and insight into my question I am looking forward to talking to you again. Cynthia thank you so much.

…….. I can’t say enough good about her. A lot of things are going on and she has seen things come into my life I will call her and keep in touch with her. Thank you

…….. I was so happy to have my questions answered. Cynthia Ann verified everything that I expected. She gave me the hope that I was looking for. And that I wasn’t crazy after all thank you Cynthia Ann.

…….. Wow! I think I have found my psychic. If I ever need any questions regarding anything going on in my life I am going to call you.

…….. She is perfect!! So on point she didn’t even have to ask me any questions. I will be calling back!

…….. I have searched for the truth for 6 months and several thousand dollars later, I found it with Cynthia! Thank you for being honest with me and finding the closer that I needed to begin my new chapter in my life.

…….. She is a very lovely lady with a great psychic gift. I appreciated her insight and will take her advice to move forward. I look forward to giving her feedback as time passes.

…….. I absolutely love my reading. I appreciate the advice, I feel like someone has taken this one-ton weight off of m shoulders. Thank you so very much I would highly recommend you to anyone

…….. Man, Cynthia just nailed everything! Now I know what to do. Thank you Cynthia! You are my favorite.


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